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Price drops Flutes (Closed Holes) (U.K. International Cyberstore)

Prices lowered at Thomann in the Flutes (Closed Holes) range


  • Jupiter JFL700EC Flute

    Price slashed the 07.09.2017: Flute Key: C, Nickel-silver plated headpiece, body and mechanism, Silver-plated mouth plate, 925 sterling silver riser, E mechanism, Closed flaps, Incl. Case, bag and accessories Note: 5 year...
    518 € previously 538 € - item no. 397875
  • Yamaha YFL-312

    Price slashed the 12.07.2017: Yamaha YFL-312 flute, Intermediate model, covered keys, offset G, E- mechanism, pointed key arms, sterling silver headjoint, body- and foot- made of nickelsilver, complete silver plated, CY-...
    995 € previously 1,023 € - item no. 388042
  • Yamaha YFL-617 Flute

    7% additional discount since the 31.07.2017: Yamaha YFL-617 Transverse Flute, closed holes, offset G, E-mechanism, silver headjoint and silver pipe, headjoint type AM, with C-feet, bigger wall thickness, Straubinger Phoenix pads, silver plated,...
    3,965 € previously 4,249 € - item no. 317477
  • Miyazawa PB-202E Flute System

    26% additional discount since the 26.07.2017: Miyazawa PB-202E flute, "partial Brögger", closed holes, sterling silver headjoint, nickel silver body and foot, drawn-up tone holes, c- foot, E-Mechanism, offset, silver plated body and keys, incl....
    2,199 € previously 2,980 € - item no. 223384