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Price drops Oboes (U.K. International Cyberstore)

Prices lowered at Thomann in the Oboes range


  • Yamaha YOB-241 Oboe

    price slashed by 5% on the 08.09.2017: Yamaha YOB-241 Oboe - student model, semi-automatic, simplified conservatory system without 3rd octave key, ABS plastic body, silver plated key system, includes case.
    1,545 € previously 1,629 € - item no. 164226
  • Yamaha YOB-431 Oboe

    Price slashed the 08.09.2017: Yamaha YOB-431 Oboe - semi-automatic, 'conservatory system' third octave key, grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), silver plated keys, includes case. This instrument has been...
    2,779 € previously 2,899 € - item no. 164227