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Price drops Soprano Saxophones (U.K. International Cyberstore)

Prices lowered at Thomann in the Soprano Saxophones range


  • Yanagisawa S-992 Soprano Bronce

    8% cheaper since the 12.08.2017: Soprano Saxophone Straight and curved removable neck, Body made special bronze alloy, Brass keys, High F# key, High G key, B/b flat rocker, C#/B rocker, Oscillating table mechanism, Gold lacquer...
    3,999 € previously 4,333 € - item no. 160619
  • Keilwerth David Liebmann Soprano Sax

    Price slashed the 14.08.2017: Soprano Saxophone David Liebmann series, Straight one-piece instrument, Ergonomically optimised key positions, Rounded and angled side keys, Rounded fork F key, Raised and rounded right hand F# key,...
    4,590 € previously 4,799 € - item no. 246802
  • Yamaha YSS-475 II

    Price slashed the 26.06.2017: Soprano Saxophone Intermediate saxophone, Straight, One-piece, High F# key, Front F key, Gold lacquer, Incl. mouthpiece and lightweight case with backpack straps, Outstanding response, tone and...
    1,826 € previously 1,868 € - item no. 129787