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Price drops Tenor Saxophones (U.K. International Cyberstore)

Prices lowered at Thomann in the Tenor Saxophones range


  • Yamaha YTS-62 02

    Price slashed the 02.03.2018: Tenor Saxophone New model, High F# key, New 62 style neck, Improved low B/C# connection, New engraving design, With gold lacquer finish, 4C mouthpiece and case included
    2,419 € previously 2,495 € - item no. 315796
  • Yamaha YTS-875 EX

    Price slashed the 07.04.2018: Yamaha YTS-875 EX Tenor Saxophone - master model, high F#, adjustable front F, gold lacquered finish. Includes case and mouthpiece.
    4,798 € previously 5,049 € - item no. 146924
  • Yamaha YTS-480

    5% cheaper since the 31.03.2018: Tenor Saxophone New model, Successor of the YTS-475, New neck mount, Improved H/ C# connection, Separate key guards, High F# key, New octave key system as in the 62 series, Rocker arm, Drop-shaped...
    1,989 € previously 2,099 € - item no. 279391