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The Jupiter 993GL Series Baritone Saxophone is the result of a long collaboration between the engineers at Jupiter and professional musicians around the world. World class acoustic design coupled with beautiful aesthetic detailing make the new 993GL a bari sax with a look as unique as the pure sound.


- Level: Professional
- Key: Eb
- Neck Material: Hand-hammered yellow brass
- Body Material: Yellow brass
- Bell Material: Yellow brass
- Key Material: Yellow brass
- Range Up to: High F#
- Range Down to: Low A
- Auxiliary Keys: Front F, tilting G#-Bb spatula
- Springs: Blue steel
- Pads: Leather
- Resonators: Metal
- Engraving: Yes
- Includes: case, mouthpiece, ligature, cap, and care products
- Crafted In: Taiwan

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